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An empty house can be a little overwhelming to prospective buyers. Even if your house has everything buyers are looking for, it’s difficult for buyers to envision themselves living in an unfurnished house. With our Vacant Home Staging services at First Impressions Home Staging, your empty home’s blank canvas can be transformed into a warm and welcoming space that will impress even the pickiest prospect.

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What Is Vacant Home Staging?

Vacant home staging happens when a the seller of a property completely vacates their home during the selling process. While the property sits empty, home stagers will fill the house with furniture and decorations from their own inventory, which makes the space more attractive to potential buyers.

Especially in the age of online shopping, potential buyers will see your home before they even step inside. We can help make your vacant home more attractive to house shoppers. 

Turn Online Shopping into More House Tours

Most millennial home buyers shop for houses online first before they ever decide to see a home in person. Because of this, your home’s photographs are absolutely essential to attracting the right buyer. The reality is that buyers want to see photos of a furnished house that feels like a home – not a vacant one.

Our home stagers will take your vacant house and turn it into a furnished masterpiece before the photographer even arrives to take the online photos. Then, your house will give off an amazing first impression online and attract more buyers to request a viewing with you.

Why Work with Us

Experience – Our team at First Impressions Home Staging knows that the key to selling a home quickly and for top dollar is creating an emotional connection between the buyer and the space. We understand that not everyone has the ability to visualize what an empty room can become, which is why we specialize in creating stunning designs that will inspire and excite potential buyers. Our staging team is made up of the most experienced home stagers in the industry, having staged everything from $100,000 condos to $5,000,000 homes, and everything in between. 

Access to Inventory – We also have access to a vast inventory of furniture, rugs, art, and accessories with which to decorate your space. We source the latest on-trend items to make sure your property gives off a great first impression. We know where to source the right items, and we can find what we need to make your vacant home look spectacular.

Appealing Design – Our expert team will work with you to create a custom design that highlights the unique features of your home and appeals to the right type of buyer that you’re looking to attract. With our help, your vacant home will become a warm and inviting space that the right buyer will fall in love with.

In today’s competitive real estate market, it’s essential to make a strong first impression. With First Impressions Home Staging, you can be confident that your home will stand out from the rest

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