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Occupied Home Staging Services in Lancaster, California

Your home is your castle, and it should be, but when you’re trying to sell your home while still living in it, there are a few things you should be doing to make your home more attractive to potential buyers. That’s where occupied home staging services come in to play.

Our professional home stagers will set up your home with a mix of your personal items and items from our professional inventory to make your home even more attractive to buyers. We can help you sell your home faster and at a higher price!

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What Is Occupied Home Staging?

Occupied home staging happens when a homeowner is still living in their home while it is on the market. Home stagers will supplement the home’s current furniture and decorations with stylish pieces from their own inventory to make the home more attractive to prospective buyers.

Many sellers choose to stay living in their homes during the selling process. If this is your case, perfect! The good thing about this is that the home looks realistic – it’s clearly being lived-in and it’s not just a cookie cutter professionally manufactured home. Buyers appreciate that.

The bad thing is that potential buyers might not have the same exact tastes as you when it comes to furniture and decor. Some of your decor may unintentionally send the wrong message about how the house will look for the new owners. This is where professional home staging services can really help.

Turn Your Home into an Attractive Asset

Our goal with occupied home staging is to turn your personalized home into an attractive asset for any prospective buyer. We will take your already furnished home, arrange the decor and furniture so that they are in line with current trends, and supplement the house with decor from our inventory if we need to. The end goal of this process is to create a more depersonalized home that any ideal prospective buyer can envision themselves living in.

In realistic terms, this will likely involve changing out your family portraits for more general art pieces from our inventory, swapping out your unique or antique furniture for more standard, or contemporary pieces, etc.

Ultimately, you designed your home for you and your family. Our job is to depersonalize your space a little bit to make it more of a blank canvas. We want the potential buyer to see a beautifully furnished home with no distractions. We don’t want anything holding them back from falling in love with your home.

Why Work with Us

Our team at First Impressions Home Staging has a combined 23 years working in this industry. We’ve worked on staging everything from $100,000 apartments to $5,000,000 homes. We’re the only company in Lancaster, CA that is 100% dedicated to home staging. If your home is in the Antelope Valley or the surrounding area and you’re looking for professional home staging services, you’ve found the right place.

Give us a call today. We’re looking forward to speaking with you.

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